sat through a lecture of things i already know because i had a lab immediately afterwards i didn't want to miss

then the lab started and it was stuff i already know so i just left

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@monorail but like

what if your class has 9 people in it

and there's a ping and your name disappears so it's obvious

and it's all recorded for evidence

@monorail i uh...

isn't it rude or something?

i just

idk perhaps im just so fucking ruined by this society's power dynamics that i'm just too afraid to make any decisions on my own because of fear of getting in trouble

@cdmnky @monorail if someone makes a stank about it you can just tell them "i had an emergency to take care of sorry"

nobody needs to know the emergency is "i give so little of a shit about this that i'm in significant pain"

@Kat @monorail like
my math lectures that are mandatory to attend are just sitting in silence because they're literally for doing homework

@cdmnky @monorail if you wanna message the instructor like "hey my connection's having issues can i dip out and do my work without the camera" then go for it tbh

they're adults about it, i hope

@Kat @cdmnky @monorail like at worst they might mark you for missing too many classes if you do that a lot

college professors either respect your personal autonomy, or are not remotely invested enough to care

@Breakfast @cdmnky @monorail basically depends whether you have an actual college professor who's teaching a college course to adults, or a total condescending dickhead who really wishes he was teaching kindergarteners instead

@Kat @Breakfast @monorail oh shit it's almost time for class ugh

and i HAVE to be here 'cause i'm stuck evaluating people's presentations for an assignment even though i went yesterday

@Kat @cdmnky @monorail yeah, that's the only rough part, but fwiw I'm pretty sure I've had maybe one of those in like 3.5 years

@Breakfast @cdmnky @monorail i had a few but they were mostly in the earlier gen ed courses

i kinda learned that acting a certain way with them so they realize you're an adult and not a large child helps, though

@cdmnky no it's like, expected

it's totally fine

the one thing is that it's a bad look to never stick around for lectures and then on your own time message the prof like "hey i don't get it can you help me with this" but like, i imagine those wouldn't be the ones you're leaving early

@monorail i've also had bad luck with professors

a lot of them i've had make you ask to use the bathroom like a child

@monorail and of course the whole rule that they can fail you if they feel you've missed enough class time (which in many cases is one entire lecture)

sometimes it depends on the course, the school, et cetera, but a lot of college/universities don't enforce attendance.

it's always fine to double check though! just ask your professor before or after class, just be all "hey, i actually know this content we're about to cover/are covering, is it alright if I slip out?'

it's not like they're going to get all up after you about it, it's a more adult setting, they know people have things to do.

@cdmnky like in this case i just clicked "leave meeting" but even during in-person classes i would regularly get up and walk out the door

if the prof wasn't in the middle of something i'd say "thank you" or "have a nice day" or something but if they were busy i'd just walk out

@monorail @cdmnky yeah no one cares, everyone knows everyone else has other shit going on

@00dani @monorail @cdmnky now remembering the time someone gave me hockey tickets and i just straight up-asked the professor "hey, what are we doing today and do you think I can learn it off the class notes?"

sometimes there will be attendance policies but like fuck those

@monorail @cdmnky the whole "if the prof doesn't show up for 15 minutes you can legally leave" is the dumbest shit because.... you can always legally leave.

if it sucks, hit da bricks

yeah i've had profs with attendance requirements which sucks but after you get into the higher level classes in your major there's a 99.9% chance the profs won't give a shit

@wolfpede @monorail @cdmnky i was 100% the "if the prof doesn't show up by 9:15 we can legally leave" person in all of my classes and for the record im not sorry

@Duende @monorail @cdmnky lmao fair and i definitely did use 15 mins as a rule of thumb for "if they don't show up by then, i'm calling it and leaving", and it actually sometimes happened that my profs just no call no showed to lectures because something very sudden came up

@Duende @monorail @cdmnky it's definitely a good rule of thumb, i just find it hilarious when it's framed as "you are legally required to sit here unless 15 minutes have gone by without the prof showing up"

@wolfpede @Duende @monorail usually they have someone leave a note on the door or have a substitute in my experience

with noshows someone usually emails them and they rush over 'cause they lose track of time

@monorail @cdmnky ime attendance requirements are there either because

- the prof is a hardass who cares too much

- the class is an intro class and they want to make some attempt to kick freshmen into actually showing up to classes regularly

@wolfpede @monorail @cdmnky I had an intro to psych class that was fucking ridiculous... attendance was "mandatory" and we had assignments due every class that were only collected 6 times all semester. We had to type and print the answers out before every fucking class. Doing the assignment (like three short answer questions) required reading the book. Then the following lecture was just her giving us the exact same fucking information we just read from the book. The actual information was laughably basic and I had already learned most of it from a high school elective.

This was a 9am class.

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