@monorail always loved the "other" choice for gender, very empowering to me as someone who is genderless and doesnt really identify as a human

@monorail "what are you" im pupy "yeah but whats between your legs" 瑟岽 瑟s 岽浭溼磭 岽溕瘁磱纱岽忈础岽蕶薀岽, 岽浭溼磭 岽犪磸瑟岽, 岽浭溼磭 岽犪磤s岽 岽噚岽樶磤纱s岽 岽徱 纱岽忈礇蕼瑟纱散纱岽噑s

@monorail I like the implication that the backend has some "days since last gender" field

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