I think it's a testament to how good the Scott Pilgrim books are that

- they're way way better than the movie, like it's not even close. Some of it is for reasons that aren't fair to hold against the movie (the series literally wasn't finished whet the script was written) but a lot of it is just that it handles its own plot better, making it more satisfying to experience and something actually worth reflecting on and taking to heart, which is not something I think I could say about the film adaptation.
- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is my favourite movie.

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@monorail the movie is good because Edgar Wright knows how to make a movie look a-ma-zing

@noiob that's fuckin true, i don't think it'd be half as good if not for the fantastic direction

@monorail if you haven't watched every other Edgar Wright movie I strongly recommend them

@noiob I've been meaning to forever but haven't. Shaun of the Dead is fantastic though

@monorail oooh you're gonna be in for a treat with Baby Driver that film is dope

@noiob I literally already have it downloaded

I'm so rarely in the mood to watch a movie, though. I almost always prefer to be doing something than to passively experience it. I'd usually rather play a bad game than watch a good movie

In the time it took me to decide I wanted to watch Baby Driver and download it, the mood passed

@monorail I mean other parts of the movie are also cool but that's what makes it stand out, also the visual comedy

@monorail that movie is the reason i started playing bass back in high school!

@vantablack I read somewhere that Micheal Cera knows how to play bass and for the movie, they had to teach him how to be shitty at it

@InspectorCaracal @vantablack he definitely already knew how to play bass better than the character, i did a super quick search and didn't see any specific references to him playing before 2010 but in 2011 he was a touring bassist with an indie rock band and you don't go from "Scott Pilgrim" to "touring bassist" in a year

it's the having to be taught how to be shitty part that's so good, though, and harder to verify :p

@efi yeah, I think that the books forcing Scott to grow up is an incredibly important theme that contributes to making them so good, and the movie does itself a disservice by not having it

and yet, it still rules, just not as much as it could have

@efi in that case, hard disagree tbh

that said, it's been a long time since i read them

@efi I think you're right that it's not a lot, but the feeling I left with wasn't "Scott Pilgrim has fixed himself", it was "these things take time and effort, but now Scott Pilgrim is putting in time and effort"

@efi it's true that we'll never really know but it seemed to have an optimistic sort of tone

like regardless of whether you personally believe he's still working on bettering himself, for whatever it's worth, i think it was the authorial intent

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