sockpaws are now the canonical example of "socks". the clothing item will be referred to as "artificial socks". thank you for your patience in this difficult time

@monorail appreciate this change, thank you for the clarifications

@monorail mostly because i want to now go around calling the clothing "artificial socks" without any context or explanation

@monorail if anyone asks ill say "well theyre not organically grown are they" and just walk off

@monorail im still giggling at this even though i made the joke

@monorail the idea and sheer fucking nerve of actually doing this is so funny to me

@monorail For a synthetic data-fox sporting sockpaws (orange primary fur, brown gloves/socks), would they be real-faux socks?

You can only call them socks if they're from the Socks region of France. Otherwise it's just sparkling paws.

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