a fun fact

every time you dart your eyes around, not only does your brain automatically erase the data of "that smeared blur i saw for a moment", it also takes what you see when your eyes stop moving and retroactively inserts it as a memory for that moment. that's why if you look at your watch, it seems to take longer for the second hand to tick the first time

human senses are garbage

if you watch a video where the sound is slightly delayed behind the picture, your brain will basically fix it in post. if you watch a video where the picture is slightly delayed behind the sound, your brain will freak the fuck out


I agree the for most part but sound is quite slow so it totally makes sense for the human brain to sync up latent sound with visual information.

If someone is playing an instrument through an amplifier (like a guitar) the latency caused from distance between the person and the amplifier can actually be quite relevant at the scale of time it takes to play with good rhythm.

When it comes to syncing up a number of visual events with associated audio this is a pretty powerful utility!


@Alonealastalovedalongthe it is but it's just one more way the human brain is always lying about everything

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The one that blows me away is the massive mismatch between how much longer you believe you will be emotionally affected by things vs how long things typically emotionally affect you. (Affective forecasting I think its called?)

Its something I am totally aware of but still can't convince myself deep down that its true.

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