one time i posted a rant on reddit in character as someone in the pokemon universe, yelling at a conspiracy theorist

i was pretty proud of "but no, of course not! it's never that simple, we're all just fucking mareeple"

@Kat i got way more into it than the other person did, to the point where i actually had to make up what their argument is lmao

"so what you're saying is that SOMETHING, some demon beyond comprehension, was just hanging out on the cinnabar coast? and would, what, give you more pokeballs if you saw it? and so of course the government fucking nuked their own territory to try to contain it. okay, sure, sounds more likely than the ACTIVE VOLCANO ERUPTING. people fucking died. show some respect."

@monorail oh my god i need to read this thread now this is horrible

@Kat that was pretty much the beginning and end of it, they basically conceded after that :p

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