this man received a sudoku puzzle to solve for his sudoku youtube channel. he was told he wasn't allowed to look at it until he was recording. so on the video, he opened it up and immediately said "i'm being made fun of. this obviously isn't solvable. he's about to get an angry phone call"

..."well, i can place a few digits here and here. but that's it. after that it's impossible."

"well i suppose i could narrow down this digit here but like. this grid does not have a unique solution. it can't."

anyway click the link to watch a man go from frustrated with his friend to unbelievably stunned at the impossible beauty of the puzzle he just solved in only 25 minutes

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@monorail Wait does Check just see if you've got the whole thing? I reset after 7 minutes for goddamn nothing!

@RedFuture yeah

it actually only checks normal sudoku rules but if you're correct by sudoku you're probably correct by the other constraints

@monorail RIGHT

between multiple failed attempts it took more like 3 hours overall

but it's fucking done

also the symmetry is nice

@monorail I have grown to loathe and despise that most perfidious of numbers, the number 3

It may be the magic number, but it is a dark and evil magic that should not be allowed

@monorail Aaaand I think I fucked up a 2.

Gonna fuck around with ONI for a bit and return to this fresh

@monorail Got all the 4s filled in after 2 hours, leaving 2 options for the 5s, and I think 3 for the 6s

want to sleep but no way to save

@monorail also i showed this to my sudoku playing dad for his birthday and he was greatly amused

@monorail A friend of mine sent me this puzzle the other day! I still have it open in a tab. I've made a lot of progress but I'm currently stuck on it.

@gwillen out of curiosity, how far in are you? in the video, the solve starts slow but it only accelerates

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