a fun fact

every time you dart your eyes around, not only does your brain automatically erase the data of "that smeared blur i saw for a moment", it also takes what you see when your eyes stop moving and retroactively inserts it as a memory for that moment. that's why if you look at your watch, it seems to take longer for the second hand to tick the first time

human senses are garbage

if you watch a video where the sound is slightly delayed behind the picture, your brain will basically fix it in post. if you watch a video where the picture is slightly delayed behind the sound, your brain will freak the fuck out

if you set up a computer program to listen for a keystroke, delay for a short amount of time, and then flash the screen, a human that presses the keys will eventually stop perceiving that delay

then if you remove the delay, the human will believe that the computer is anticipating their keystrokes

human senses are garbage


both of your eyes have a blind spot. each of them covers for the other one

close one eye? now your brain is just guessing

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@monorail my brain's been just guessing since i hit puberty tbh

sort of spoilers for a book i'm writing 

@monorail@glaceon.social nerd comes up with a hypothesis for how dragons make themselves invisible, comes up with one based on that fact, determines that this implies there must be a maximum field of view they can affect and the solution for this is to see them Up Close

@monorail Fun Fact: It's possible to see the blind spot if you force your eyeball to stay still for a few minutes.

@monorail bold of you to suggest that this brain is ever not doing that tbh

@monorail I learnes that the eye also is never standing really still because of that.
Always noving around a bit to get a voew of that blind spot - and then I think the brain inserts it the same way as when you're consiously move your eyes somewhere.

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