@monorail@glaceon.social Have you seen the Tom Scott video Fantastic Features We Don't Have In The English Language? https://youtu.be/QYlVJlmjLEc

@monorail@glaceon.social I'm not certain, but I think that might have been my introduction to Tom Scott. On the other hand I know my first introduction to conlanging: An issue of Boy's Life in the early 80s in which one of the regular two page comics with suggestions on things scouts could do had one that was, "Make your own language!" Although it was very much suggesting making Yet Another English Relex, but that's probably a good intro to the idea.

@monorail naow wieth mooore cornfusingp vowles andg sailent cornsornarntsp!

@lyliawisteria @monorail what's fucked up is that I read that without a single stumble

@lyliawisteria @monorail this is what I've been trained to do as an English speaker

@marie_joseph @monorail but it sounds way funnier if you say the extra r's in "confusing" and "consonants".

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