i'm waiting for the game where there's a secret plot to protect zelda by having link disguise himself as her, but then he ends up not being able to defend himself in heels or whatever so he gets kidnapped

zelda, who wasn't informed of this plan, is furious that they'd allow link to be put in danger for her sake without even asking her, but she has to stay in hiding so ganon doesn't realize that he doesn't actually have zelda

so she has to disguise herself as link to rescue herself

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i wasn't finished fleshing out this idea until i was halfway through typing it but now i really want to play it

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@monorail I would watch the let's play videos of that

- 🦊

@monorail who says this hasn't already happened in one of the games i wonder what the absolute minimum of un-branding you would have to do in order to make this as a fangame without getting sued or issued a takedown

@InspectorCaracal none, but you have to make the whole game without telling anyone and then release it, so that they can't issue the takedown until after the tapes are already being circulated

@InspectorCaracal a couple of nintendo fangames have been released that way iirc

i know that nintendo didn't get around to saying anything about am2r until after it was released, i forget if it was secret or not though

@monorail i'm imagining adding this to the BotW backstory and it makes the gerudo part really funny


Alternately, Ganon figures out that Link is the one that keeps defeating him throughout the timelines, and thus kidnaps him instead.

I... just want to play as stealth archer/ninja Zelda/Sheik, ok???

@monorail I'm now imagining Zelda princess carrying a very blushing Link in the princess zelda dress as ganon's castle falls and then she pauses and is like.. "...Uh... You... can keep the dress if you want. It... it looks good on you, you know?" and Link just blushes a lot, but smiles and hugs Zelda tighter.

@monorail Important question: is it revealed to the player that all of this happened at the start or is it a surprise twist 90% of the way through the game

@fluxom_alt honestly i'd prefer it to be known the whole time but either works people who just wanna get to the game asap skip the cutscene and then they don't find out until like the final battle and are like WTF?!?!

@monorail i'm not sure they have heels in hyrule; link would probably be captured by something much more mundane like forgetting to bring a sword

otherwise this plan is great tho

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