anyone have a favourite terminal emulator on windows? would basically just be used for sshing into a linux box. using MobaXterm at the moment because it's what everyone else is using but it seems like it does more than i need so it's pretty busy. i don't need an ssh connection manager, i can do that with ~/.ssh/config, etc

@monorail tbh I just use the built-in one with WSL

there's a new Microsoft-made terminal in beta (terminal on the windows store) that supports tabs and stuff but the last time I tried it was a bit laggy

@monorail mintty is nice but possibly overly barebones? it's bundled with cygwin and does not do very much

conemu is probably the the one i'd recommend? :blobcatthinking:

@monorail i like cmder/conemu/whatever it's called, though it does have limited 24-bit text color support if you care about that. as noiob said, the wsl bash is also pretty good

@typhlosion @monorail cmdr is a special version of conemu made to be prettier out of the box, they're pretty much the same thing otherwise. If you want, there's a preview build of the new windows terminal that...actually is pretty good. It does have 24bit color support and sets up your wsl profiles automatically if you have those.

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