"holly how tall are you, i keep forgetting" don't worry, i took a picture of me posing next to a building i found on the internet

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whenever i post a picture of me where i'm pixelated and also standing behind something, even a little bit, y'all better appreciate that because it's NOT EASY

I can't get over how well the masking came out in this

@BestGirlGrace "You look like that really tall glaceon! ...That would have been funnier if I could remember her name, what's that fool's name?"

@BestGirlGrace "There's literally... You just described, like, five different glaceons."

@monorail is it bad my second thought was "wait for a real scale comparison.............

skyrim mod of holly m. glaceon when. i can't know how big you are until we see you punt alduin the world-eater across the map like a beach ball"

@monorail Very glad I live on the 7th floor so I can converse with Holly Monorail Glaceon

@packbat it has! they finally have me programming at work!!

how have you been?

medical stuff mention 

@monorail mmph - not terrific but getting by? sent a message to our endocrinologist talking about estradiol dose.

oh, but someone told us they liked our library game! that was rad

- 🐲

@monorail !

it's a bitsy game about our memories of a library we frequented - you walk around with the arrow keys and bump into colored things and read text

we're really proud of it

- 🐲 ✨

@packbat it's such a tiny detail that i don't think anyone would have consciously noticed if i hadn't pointed it out but it really helps sell "i'm not just close to the camera, i am actually very big"

@packbat hey i keep meaning to ask

if there are a bunch of you should i like. know your names

i'm more used to separating people in my head by name than "'packbat+emoji"

@monorail oh, point!

...I mean, our names are kind of actually the emojis? and/or PackDragon (not derg, please), PackFox, PackCat (not kit or kitten, please), and PackSnake (yes snek, if you like). We'll probably have to figure out what we're doing with klarnames at some point, too, but we haven't figured that out yet.

- 🦊

@monorail ("Klarname" is klar+Name is clear+name in German, and is usually translated as "real name" in English - but Packbat is as real a name of ours as any we've been called to our face, so "real name" as a phrase is pretty misleading. Whereas "clear name" is merely kinda random.)

@Wurfb biggest i've even been was,



@monorail that's good! Bigger is always an option, obv.

@monorail after seeing three holly monorails of differing size in this post i would like propose the bigger holly monorail theory

@hoppet @monorail Educated Rabbit..... making the rounds professionally

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