"Hey, you know what humans are famously way better than computers at?"

@monorail if i recall right chess was one of the first things after counting that computer did better than human

@Ste1lar oh yeah, I think the last time someone beat a top-of-the-line chess engine was in like 2006

@monorail @Ste1lar

The one that humans are still better at is Go

@monorail this is a captcha i will not be able to solve, because i don't know how to play chess

ergo, this is literally a captcha that will not work for all humans, but will work for pretty much any competently made robot

@EeveeEuphoria to be fair

  • that link at the bottom takes you to a page that shows you the solution
  • sunglasses
  • people who don't play chess are unlikely to be logging into lichess, an online chess website,

@monorail this is less a captcha and more like those forum sign-up questions to verify you're not under 10

@monorail what makes it even worse is that these are all standardized chess symbols that would be extremely easy to read with a parser

@monorail also, this is such an easy problem that i, someone who hasn't played chess in literal years and was never any good at it anyway, was able to find the answer in seconds

@monorail @Felthry building your own captcha will keep anyone from being able to automatically submit your forms unless they're specifically targeting you so even the shittiest captcha will do the job on a small site

@sobsz aa sorry! maybe we're just better at it than we thought?

@Felthry more likely it's that i really really suck at it
heck i didn't really 100% know what the difference was between a checkmate and a stalemate until i looked it up

@monorail The only reason I could solve that one is because it's piss-easy, and I suspect this is going to be a better tool for sorting out humans instead. :P

@BatElite i had to solve two because I did something wrong and they were both piss easy but like. Not completely trivial. I had to do a quick think about it

That said. The link at the bottom will take you to the answer

@monorail speaking of which, I had a Russian CAPTCHA once and could not, for the life of me, read the Russian.

@urology you have to move the rook in the bottom left all the way to the top

captcha hot take


@monorail "Draw a pixel-perfect recreation of the Mona Lisa" (with MS Paint Tools)

@monorail That's awesome. I wasn't able to find that in the Lichess server API, though. #matrix

@monorail I hate this so very much, both for what it is and what it demonstrates

@monorail wh,

That violates all kinds of accessibility standards

@monorail It'd be like that scene in Jurassic Park with the raptor and the door, except the door's just not on the frame

@monorail i castle, then move my knight in front of the white queen, then attempt to seduce the king

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