every once in a while when i talk about breeding pokemon or whatever, someone tells me "ah, yeah, i just play for fun"

you got me, i play competitive pokemon for the money, no fun in it at all :p i've found it to be kind of interesting how to some people, "for fun" means "casually", like if you have any investment in it or put any real effort into it then it's... not fun anymore?

i have tentatively decided that the people who say those things are just inherently non-competitive by nature (at the same time, I feel like there's more going on there, because there's also the whole, like, if you're really into the SCA or something? It's still fun but you're putting real effort into it and that doesn't count as "just for fun" anymore, somehow) lol

(i dunno if you don't actually know but it's the Society for Creative Anachronism)

@InspectorCaracal that was actually the first result when i searched but i misread it as "anarchism" so i assumed it was something else lmao

@monorail "yeah, i breed pokemon" "oh, i just play for fun" "play what now"

@monorail personally I just can't remember how IVs and EVs and such work

@sl2c i feel like the way they're explained is often really confusing

IVs are generated when the pokemon is, and are a number from 0 to 31 for each stat. the higher the number, the faster that stat grows (but just slightly). at level 100, a pokemon with 31 IVs in a stat will have 31 more points in it than it would if it had 0

EVs are similar but they always start at 0, and you get them by knocking out specific pokemon with that one. a pokemon can have up to 510 EVs in total, and 252 in each stat. at level 100, each stat is 1 higher for every 4 EVs in it

@monorail just say "oh i do it for fun, too." in your most sultry voice and start egregiously waggling your eyebrows at them, what could go wrong*

*don't actually do this

@InspectorCaracal @monorail and for that response, you can either go full deadpan, or you can chew some absolute scenery and start referencing the spock's brain episode of original series trek just to really ham it up FUN, FUN, WHAT IS FUN?!


@monorail i demand concrete proof that you're having fun

@monorail i only play pokemon to see the tears on the faces of my defeated foes, to hear their cries of agony as their Charizard falls to the fists of my Lucario

@monorail now that you point it out, it's kind of funny that people take for granted that competitive [x] is not fun [x]

I mean, entirely understandable, but kinda funny

- 🐲 💭

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