Hey everyone! I'm Holly (or monorail), local Ice type Mastodon admin. I run, a small little instance that I think is, excuse me, cool.

I'm 24, :heart_ace:, :heart_bi:-romantic, a :heart_trans: girl, and white as the fallen snow.

My interests include programming, video james, and sleeping in until the afternoon. Say hi if you like, I don't bite. (60 power Dark type physical attack? No thanks!)

Typing with paws is tough, so have a pic:


v1.1.0: Updated age value to 23
v1.2.0: Updated age value to 24 and fixed incorrect Bite power

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@monorail whoa holly you gained 2 years since you joined the fediverse

do you know what that means

you're gonna get a cake cannon in the mail

@monorail Did you get that uncapped growth bug fixed?

Happy birthday, by the way!

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