i love when people who grew up on classic tetris complain about features in guideline tetris and i get to tell them "you literally aren't allowed to use the name 'tetris' for your game if you don't include that feature"

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this is usually about hold but recently i got it about ghost pieces

@InspectorCaracal while the piece is dropping, there's a transparent version at the bottom showing you where it'll end up if you hard drop at that moment

@monorail ooohhh

i've seen that but i don't think i've ever played a version with it

@LunaDragofelis @InspectorCaracal hell yeah

i spend almost none of my time looking away from my stack, just keep the next queue in the corner of your eye and memorize the colours (which are also always the same in guideline tetris)

@monorail Trademark law is a neccesity of capitalist innovation - therefore it has to go with the entirety of capitalism. It sucks, honestly. Earlier today I saw a report on TV about a basketball team called Blue Bulls who got sued by Red Bull (Austrian energy drink).

@LunaDragofelis you're right but guideline tetris is better than classic tetris

@monorail sorry I only play the tetris clone that was hidden in the menus of the old crt tv we used to have in the kitchen

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