i want to see a pokemon fan game where you play as a pokemon who stole a trainer's hat

and discover that nobody can tell you're a pokemon as long as you're wearing the hat

the professor offers you a starter pokemon and you just kind of bat at one of the pokeballs with a paw, so they say "the strong silent type, yeah? some of the most powerful trainers in the world were the same way"

you fight the first gym leader by placing a pokeball down with your mouth and pressing the button, and your opponent is wowed by your eccentric technique

and the whole game continues that way until your hat gets knocked off in the middle of the battle with the champion


i do like the idea of the champion, after knocking off your hat, is initially shocked and then continues battling, respecting your strength

and i can't decide if it would be better for them to reveal you to the world like "meet your new champion!!" or to quietly put your hat back on

@monorail Hat. Then in the sequel, you find someone on an out of the way cliff and...

@monorail okay but you'd also have to be able to talk to your party members too right

i mean they're pokemon and you're a pokemon

@monorail "Blaziken Boo, what's the matter with you?..."

@monorail how about they also take their hat off to reveal they're a pokémon

also, can't wait to play as a wailord

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