i want to see a pokemon fan game where you play as a pokemon who stole a trainer's hat

and discover that nobody can tell you're a pokemon as long as you're wearing the hat

the professor offers you a starter pokemon and you just kind of bat at one of the pokeballs with a paw, so they say "the strong silent type, yeah? some of the most powerful trainers in the world were the same way"

you fight the first gym leader by placing a pokeball down with your mouth and pressing the button, and your opponent is wowed by your eccentric technique

and the whole game continues that way until your hat gets knocked off in the middle of the battle with the champion

i do like the idea of the champion, after knocking off your hat, is initially shocked and then continues battling, respecting your strength

and i can't decide if it would be better for them to reveal you to the world like "meet your new champion!!" or to quietly put your hat back on

@monorail 💿 that would be fucking adorable and i need this to be real

@monorail Sounds like fun. Been pondering something like that for my pokemon journey.

@monorail Hat. Then in the sequel, you find someone on an out of the way cliff and...

@monorail okay but you'd also have to be able to talk to your party members too right

i mean they're pokemon and you're a pokemon

@monorail "Blaziken Boo, what's the matter with you?..."

@monorail how about they also take their hat off to reveal they're a pokémon

also, can't wait to play as a wailord

@monorail *heinz doofenschmirtz voice* a pokémon?

PERRY the pokémon trainer???

@monorail man the Holly glaceon autobiography sounds great can't wait to pick it up

@ThornEater at the beginning of the game when you're choosing your trainer, it just opens a completed pokedex

@monorail I would also like to see the flip side of that fan game, where you're a trainer who has lost your hat and now everyone thinks you're a Pokemon
@shinymew @monorail They actually think the trainer is the Pokemon that stole their hat in the first place
@monorail God though this sounds like an amazing concept
And I'm imagining if your party all faints, you could reveal your identity and try and finish the battle yourself, but if you get captured or knocked out you lose the whole game

@Frinkeldoodle @monorail Well, that was sorta my plan for my story, reveling myself as a mew during the last round of the championship.

@monorail Battling to free pokémon from their spherical prisons? Raising class consciousness through midnight bill sticking and disrupting what are in effect unregulated cockfights? Gaining entry to places as just three pokémon in a trenchcoat and plenty of swagger? This would totally work and I support it.

@monorail This feels like the choice of species is highly significant. At one end there's a Machop doing this. At the other end there's, like, a Sunkern. Somewhere in the middle, maybe Furret, or Pachirisu, or Donphan.

@monorail octodad pokemon edition

a pokemon game where the difficult gameplay is doing absolutely normal things like a normal person would do

@monorail Plot twist: your rival reveals they are the protagonist from the Mystery Dungeon games and fondly remember their time as a Pokemon. You both share a common camaraderie on being a Pokemon in secret.

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