@monorail @InspectorCaracal i can confirm this is actually canon

Things Get Weird post-credits in sun/moon and i think also in x/y a bit

@InspectorCaracal @monorail well, you've already got interdimensional rift travel in play

...let holly explain it, she remembers more than me i'm sure LOL


long pokemon lore, some speculation


@wigglytuffitout @InspectorCaracal but my original point was that the manga, anime and games are separate continuities

@monorail it does leave the possibility that our earth is out in that multiverse. And don't forget about the universe from the mystery dungeon games.

@InspectorCaracal @wigglytuffitout uhhhh did your instance forget about them because of your script and then they refederated? that's my only guess

@monorail @wigglytuffitout i HOPE not, it's not supposed to only delete things that aren't threaded with anything local

@monorail @wigglytuffitout ....although

the *statuses* and the *notifications* are not the same thing

@monorail okay well I confirmed that the favs are successfully not being purged so it must just be something with the conversation script

@monorail at least this confirms that posts do refederate back in perfectly fine after having been deleted >.>

@monorail @wigglytuffitout HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT

i know talking about a game's "deepest lore" is like A Joke but HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

@monorail @wigglytuffitout also harp now I better appreciate the pokemon comment about Astral Chain

@InspectorCaracal @monorail YEAH SHIT GETS BUCKWILD

i would even go as far as to speculate that since ultra sun/moon, we *play in an explicit alternate universe*, because the storyline is actually the same as regular sun/moon but with some twists. there's also more mention of being able to travel in ultra space to different dimensions, and i think a bit more explicit mention of a civilization that exists in that ultra space who has some members coming over into the game world.

@wigglytuffitout @InspectorCaracal @monorail Oh we had no idea ultra sun/ultra moon added that much story content, we should get one of those

re: long pokemon lore, some speculation


don't tell sandra i posted this, she doesn't like this interpretation

@InspectorCaracal i'm not sure exactly but her interpretation is that every new save file on every individual copy of every pokemon game is its own timeline, explaining why you can trade supposedly unique pokemon around to get doubles, so she objects to my use of "alternate timeline" from a story perspective

i think that that's a needlessly literal application of game mechanics to setting

LB: This is what I mean by pokemon timeline split theory

long pokemon lore, some speculation


re: long pokemon lore, some speculation


@Breakfast @InspectorCaracal @monorail i always thought given his somewhat square face shape, he's a bit more Humphrey Bogart? a bit more chonky than Tennant?

@monorail @Breakfast i guess this shows how non-whovian i am, i can deffo see it, but it comes across more as straight Old Timey Detective Trenchcoat, sort of like Detective Gumshoe's

idk if it's a straight reference or just instances of them all dipping from the same cultural well of film noir LOL

the sort of puffy jowls that Looker gets stylized with remind me a lot more of Bogart than Tennant tbh

@monorail @Breakfast but i also admit i may be colored by my own headcanon because there's some fuckin fanart i did in the x/y days of him ref'd off humphrey bogart

also, as is my usual modus operandi, like 3 chapters of a never-finished fic where eventually Looker was going to show up in intrigue related to the post-game after i did a lot of filthy lysandre/sycamore guroshipping and also wrote the protag of that gen as this intensely creepy near-monster to all those around her

long pokemon lore, some speculation


long pokemon lore, some speculation


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