"πŸ‘€" is "owo" for people who aren't furries change my mind

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@autistikai @monorail There's only two kinds of people in my life iRL. Furries, and people who will become furries.

@monorail "πŸ‘€" is what we use around work to indicate someone's looking at a code review or pull request, so, work just got way more fun 😁

@monorail omg it is true I will never be able to post that on the work slack again

@monorail B..but I'm a furry who uses it a lot but not owo? D:

@monorail (also i just realized i replied to this on my old account with a similar thing, oh well)

@monorail counterpoint: furries use it too, which is an indicator of it being non-exclusive

anecdotally speaking I usually see straights using 😍

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