a quote from jim davis: "By virtue of being a cat, Garfield's not black, white, male or female, young, or old or a particular nationality."

this just in: jim davis thinks all cats are nonbinary, but more importantly, garfield is canonically nonbinary


I hate to break it to him... for Garf is OLD-old.

Like, unnaturally-this-thing-shouldn't-still-be-alive old.

The rest is fine.

@JulieSqveakaroo @monorail i was going to say that garfield has sort of an ash-ketchum time-freeze thing going for him but there have been strips where he celebrated specific birthdays, havent there

@monorail seemingly later on Garfield was decided male though... doesn't mean he cannot be demiguy NB xD

@lapingvino @monorail "“Garfield is male,” Davis told The Washington Post on Tuesday. “He has a girlfriend, Arlene.”"

I don't know about you but it feels very cishet to me

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