i heard something someone said about possible alien communications that gave me chills and it would make an excellent prompt for a sci-fi story

we finally get a message from aliens. "Stop broadcasting, you're in danger."

and then: silence.

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"Keep broadcasting. A little louder, if you can. This will draw Them away from Us, and towards You. Suckers."

what if human civilization was established to do just this?

@Nikolai_Kingsley i can't find it but there's an smbc comic where we finally detect an alien broadcast and it says "Alert: The tastiest life can be found on planet 'Earth', located at these stellar coordinates..."

@monorail that sounds a lot like "blindsight", too, except: then, invasion because we wouldn't shut up (:

@dl @antifuchs I looked this up when someone else mentioned it and, yeah, this is pretty much it, huh?

@dl @antifuchs @monorail we live in a dark forest and we don't even realize it yet

@dl @monorail yeah, TBP is neat too; I find Blindsight a far more compelling vision of first contact on some axes due to the (extremely likely) technological asymmetry

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