yes, of course it's under budget and with no breaking pieces, who do you think i am

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@Kat if you like the words "engineering shitpost" next to each other like that, you'll love polybridge

@Kat this is a game where i once saw a bridge someone made that relied on covering a truck with bridge parts so that they moved with it, and then other cars could drive on the truck

@monorail god i wish i had the talent for it, i've played it but i can never get very far

@Kat i'm really bad at it, this is only world 3 and i got here through sheer stubbornness

it helps that the thing that got me back into it is that i saw someone on youtube playing some later levels. i don't remember specifically how they solved anything but it helped with the problem solving

@monorail this game looks really fun but i am extremely bad at physics bridge games so I will continue enjoying it vicariously

@monorail reminds me of when monotonetim played it on stream, forcefully ignoring hydraulics because he couldnt understand how it worked

@monorail i dont think he ever ended a level under budget

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