of the 3, my opinions about the singles are Dear Future Self > Father of All Motherfuckers > The End of the Game

which is unsurprising to me tbh

@monorail i feel like i need context for this

because there's a Kero Kero Bonito song called "dear future self" and i'm thinking "no it can't be that, can it?"

@Kat fall out boy, green day and weezer each put out a single the other day

@Kat they're going on tour together next year and i believe the plan is for them to all release a new album before then, at roughly the same time

these are exciting times

@Kat right?? i wanna go if they come near here but god those tickets are going to be impossible to get

@monorail @Kat fall out boy, green day, and weezer walk into a bar

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