watched someone on youtube give posture tips for playing the bass guitar in a healthier way and now i'm going to be an unstoppable guitar hero god

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as opposed to before, where i could play for a couple songs and then had to stop because my wrist was on fire

@monorail hey i'm actually curious about this cos i've also worn my wrists out before on gh, you got a link?


i don't actually know if it's good advice on the smaller plastic guitar yet, i haven't tried it

the short answer is "play with the neck pointed 45 degrees away from your torso and keep your elbow in, so your forearm is almost parallel to the neck, not out"

@monorail thanks! it's all worth a shot, don't wanna be old with fucked up joints just cos i wanted to play expert charts only

@Frinkeldoodle didn't soulless 5 get fc'd long before soulless 4

or am i making that up

@Frinkeldoodle i might be wrong, i don't really follow this stuff. i just know that soulless 4 was considered "un-fcable" while soulless 5 was thought to be "super hard but doable"

and then someone fc'd 4 so i assumed 5 was too

@monorail looking it up, i can find tech FCs but i can't seem to find straight-up FCs
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