once upon a time i was like "maybe when i get better at fantasy strike i'll try playing other fighting games also" but then i saw this so it turns out i'm playing fantasy strike forever

@monorail Not Everyone Owns A Mint Condition Gamepad, Karen

@raindare i mean if you're trying to do that on a gamepad you're boned anyway

@monorail i have never tried to do double quarter circle whatever the heck inputs on a gamepad. i have just always assumed they are designed for and somehow easier on a gamepad

@monorail ok thats way worse in terms of "You Must Be At Least This Pro Player Hardware To Ride"

@raindare yeah but at least it's standard, like these games are designed to be played in arcades and at least fightsticks are the same input hardware

that said, in terms of stick inputs my understanding is that keyboard isn't too bad, that won't fly at tournaments but at that point you're already invested

@monorail i guess it probably depends on the game, in touhou hisoutensoku which has a really small buffer the inputs were nearby impossible on keyboard despite being much smaller than what you've got there

@monorail like quarter circle is fine in hisoutensoku but any inputs that end in a diagonal direction are just Not Doable

@raindare you should come play fantasy strike, where the special move inputs look like this:


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