oh no

i have some monsterfork features here but i manually copied them instead of switching to monsterfork, which means if there's a change i don't get it unless i actually go and look

there's a bangtag for setting the content type of your toot to plaintext, markdown or html (overriding what you have in settings) that i thought was cool but never used

just now i was looking at the code and went "wait, how does it work? is this some bizzare ruby thing i'm unaware of?"

after some time staring at it i tried using it, just to see

the entire time the feature has been on g.s, it has never worked

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let's play "spot the bug". this round is very easy but it took me a while because i didn't believe that there was a bug at first

status.content_type is the type of the toot, which is what we're trying to set. it should be 'text/plain', 'text/markdown' or 'text/html'

content_types is a hash of things like 't' => 'text/plain'

cmd[1] is the first argument to the bangtag, the t in #!format:β€Œt

v = cmd[1].downcase
status.content_type = content_types[c] unless content_types[c].nil?
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