long, biking


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and like, the paths you bike on are all modeled after real places in the world (except for a fictional island named after the game)

although he also says that the central park, new york track has a futuristic variant where you ride on a glass track high up in the sky, and i went "oh that's sweet" and one second later my bad-with-heights brain went "but i'd never do it" and my bad-with-heights dad said "yeah i also will never do it"

he doesn't have them but there are accessories that tilt your bike up and down when you're on a hill in the game, as well as a fan you can get that's controlled by the game so that when you're going faster the wind blows back at you harder

like god damn

@monorail wait is this how my mom feels when I tell her about MMOs

long, biking


long, biking


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