i never see any new boosts or faves on this toot. the numbers never go up, it's just the same people undoing their interactions so they can do them again

we've reached peak sock saturation

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eventually this will be the most boosted post on the fediverse, but only if you count each boost from the same account individually

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@monorail I hadn't boosted it on this account yet

Thank you for bringing it back and giving me this opportunity

@eimbers to be fair, @socks boosts it every time, and has since before their account was called socks

@monorail me, every time i see this post boosted again: "should i boost this again? *looks at sockpawbs* yeah i should"
@monorail I will boost this literally every single time I see it, I hope you're aware
@monorail I would say "you know me so well" but if there is ONE thing I am as overt about as possible...

@monorail maybe if you post an alternate sock picture, like from its sugimori art

@monorail i keep having to unboost this post so i can boost it again
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