what's the best gen 1 starter?

@Frinkeldoodle uhhhhhhhhh

i think i accidentally just pinged every known account as a result of faking votes from all of them?

@kity So you punched in 17,746 distinct accounts into a rigged poll and it's now notifying every single one of them?

Well, I guess this is one way of disclosing a vulnerability in regards to polls
@kity Ahh, I guess my server doesn't know of all 21,059 accounts or something then, because the number I gave is what it shows up as here

@Frinkeldoodle im assuming you know about this poll because you got a notification saying it ended and you voted in it?

@kity nah, someone else that i follow commented on it and i found it that way

@Frinkeldoodle @kity oh i actually did vote, so if you don't currently have 1000 people going "what the fuck is this notification" you're probably good

@kity @Frinkeldoodle yeah i didn't mean "oh no you probably did this" i was actually asking if that was what happened... OOPs

@monorail i think this was all one big miscommunication. i apologize for contributing to it, and it's interesting to see that you can actually make a poll like this that doesn't actually notify 21k people :P
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