god i wish my mom wasn't so worried about me all the time

"it hurts my heart when you drop yogurt on the ground and then spend 45 seconds standing there too consumed by self-loathing to do anything about it" sorry!! i can't do anything about it though!

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last time i went to a therapist about something he asked me "and do you think that's a problem?"

no but my mom wouldn't stop telling me to go to a therapist

"then i can't help you"

@monorail sometimes you just need time to process the emotions before you can move on and do something else - this is not something for her to be critical of :(

@packbat i have agreed to use phrases like "process my emotions" in the future instead of "i hate myself", since i can see that being needlessly emotionally provocative

@monorail oh, that is a good drop-in substitute

also, hugs if you want them - dropping food sucks

@packbat it was already expired, i was just going to throw it out anyway



@commie i don't understand the confusion

you have to want help to be helped

@monorail i guess

i feel like that might indicate you need some help dealing with your mother on this issue but maybe that's not something they do

@commie i genuinely think she's just not used to people my age being as open about mental health stuff as we are

for someone her age to say, out loud, "i hate myself" would probably be indicative of a serious problem

mental health, mom stuff


@monorail yeah, maybe

i'm so used to hearing people joke about their depression that it doesn't really even register anymore


would it be worse if you took off one shoe and sock and slowly lowered your toes into the yogurt, wiggling them about with your eyes closed and murmuring "Take that you filthy T-1000 bitch" ?

@Nikolai_Kingsley am i correct in assuming that this would make more sense to me if i had seen any terminator movies


or at least "Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles", where Shirley Manson played a liquid metal terminator.

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