almost every day that i play gw2 i want to say something to another player like "Pardon me, I'm sorry to be a bother but I'm horribly lost and I'm told that the Springer ranch is nearby, you wouldn't happen to know the way?" but i don't do it because i'm 100% sure i'd be made fun of mercilessly

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@monorail i dont' get this at all but trust me: i get lost navigating starting areas i would never make fun of someone for asking directions!!! (unless it was really funny)

@Duende not so much asking for directions as trying to engage with the world instead of going in map chat like "hey can someone ping the ranch i'm lost as fuck"

@Rosemary most of the time when people try to engage with other players as characters in the world it's in starting towns and it's just longform rp that happens to be in gw2 chat as opposed to, say, discord

@Rosemary i wouldn't make fun of someone for it but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen

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