"what's your excuse to post it this time?"

"Capitalism still exists" πŸ‘

@monorail is this from a vid and if so which?

I can use it to slip this message to folks snd msybe get through to them

@deejvalen I can't remember exactly, but I believe it's from an episode of Pretty Good, and I believe the video starts with a clip of a football play about to happen, and it pauses for Jon to say something along the lines of "[one of the teams] is about to make a dirty play. A really dirty play. It'll be beyond cheap. It'll be far beyond unsportsmanlike. It will be an act fueled by unbridled hatred. And [other team] absolutely deserves it."

@monorail @deejvalen my favorite one because the Eagles are great and the Cowboys are the worst team in the NFL

@deejvalen @monorail Pretty Good - Randall Cunningham Seizes the Means of Production

@monorail I think my favorite thing about that bit is the delivery.

Like, he's standing in the corner there doing the "I'm going to give an explanation of both sides of what's going on here" thing, goes through all the points one by one that, if you're in the pro-union camp, you believe...

...then gestures the other direction and says: "If you're in the second camp, you're an asshole."

Cut to next shot.

It's terrific.

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