the walmart corporation has a tendancy to not release any information to anyone, they just have meetings with the super high-up people and the information just trickles down to all of the associates

if you've ever played telephone you understand why this isn't a good idea

someone on the walmart subreddit was known for having access to a lot of information and would share it, so people would know what's actually going on, which walmart didn't like for some reason so they did the detective work to track him down and fire him

it may be out of spite but i've never seen a subreddit turn so pro-union so fast

@SkyFreak it's never really been anti-union but if you bring it up you get reminded about the time a whole store tried to unionize at once so that they couldn't be stopped, and then the corporation literally just closed that store

@cozykaffe sometimes people confuse it for a public facing thing when really for associates to talk

so every once in a while a customer asks a question and like 10 different people simultaneously go "oh thank god i haven't been able to yell at a customer in FOREVER"

@cozykaffe yeah everyone there is miserable all the time

people are only happy when they read about someone else quitting

@monorail i mean unions are kind of there out of spite for corporations to begin with

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