Back when I first started using CSS, I absolutely hated it, because it was even more arcane syntax and terminology than usual.

Now, I still kind of hate it, but I have seen it used in such terrible ways that I have shifted my perspective and CSS's native syntax and terminology being merely arcane is no longer so bad.

@InspectorCaracal you can but it's so intimidating to go from "i can make rectangles, colour things and sooort of move them around the screen, hell i can even do very simple animations" to something that's actually pretty and usable

obviously possible but the sheer leap from what i can do to anything even kind of acceptable is what puts me off of it

@monorail oh your idea of cool things is obviously way more complex than mine lmao

I was thinking stuff like "semi-collapsible stickied top-bar menus"

@monorail i don't think i've ever drawn a rectangle with CSS in my life, let alone *animated* something <.<


@InspectorCaracal i have a rectangle on that animates when you hover over it

i was experimenting with it because i think if you stacked them all up on top of each other and made them links with text on them, it would make a relatively pretty sidebar

that's all i've got

@monorail oh yeah that's really cool!! and a whole step more advanced than what I've done haha

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