still thinking about that ad i saw for a law firm like "with over 100 years of combined law experience" as if that couldn't also refer to 100 lawyer babies

@monorail Would you rather get sued by a 100 year old lawyer or 100 lawyer babies



@lawremipsum @monorail it’s a little known fact you can challenge anyone who sues you to a fight in the courthouse parking lot. May be helpful info in making your choice.

@monorail please specify how many attorneys you have so I can make an informed decision. I've been bamboozled before.

@aradinfinity @monorail the one problem with this argument is that babies are very soft. not firm at all

@monorail the idea of referring to, like, an adult that's only been practicing law for one year as a 'lawyer baby'

@monorail that sounds great, they should sue the author of "The Mythical Man Month"

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