it's only just occurred to me that the reason interpreted languages tend to use `#` for comments (as opposed to compiled languages' more common `//`) is probably so that shebangs don't have to be special cased

i *implemented a programming language that used `#` for comments* just because it was standard, without really thinking about it

@wxcafe and since shebangs probably only have the syntax they do so that they didn't interfere with shell scripts, the unix shell leaves its mark on the programming landscape...

@monorail remember how TI-BASIC 83/84 used " for comments

@Felthry forgot about that lmao

were they real comments or were they just a string literal that didn't do anything?

@monorail because remember, TI-BASIC also allowed you to leave off the ending delimiter of basically anything if it complied with some arbitrary rules that no one really understood

@monorail plus no preprocessor to worry about so why not, and it frees up // for floor division



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