i wish i could have a pokesona but it would be redundant

@monorail you should have a pokesona and just have it be as un-glaceon-y as possible

@monorail glaceon gets into their fursuit. For the next few hours at the con, they'll look like their pokesona............. bidoof.

@monorail have an additional pokesona and have it be diancie or something just to completely flummox people

or for another flummoxing in a different direction: My Pokesona Is Professor Oak

@wigglytuffitout @monorail my pokesona is the broken window from the start of gold/silver/crystall

@monorail I don't see why, I mean, human people have human OCs all the time

@InspectorCaracal that's a good point actually...

the other problem is that there's no pokemon i'd want to be other than glaceon

@monorail hmm

your pokemon sona is glaceon but the normal four-legged kind?

@InspectorCaracal mostly i just want to be able to say i have a pokesona but without it being any different

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