ask me a question and I'll give you an answer*

*answer may or may not be related to question

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Alright, all the answers were written!

If you wrote me a question, I'd encourage you to go to my profile, click the "toots and replies tab" and find my reply to you. I was involved with another conversation at the same time, so this next step might be slightly inconvenient, see if you notice something when you scroll up...

Except you, @petra. You're going to have to scroll pretty far down.

@codl I'd have to start feeling cute. You can tell me I'm cute all you like, that's not going to make me feel less like shit when I look in the mirror.

Christ, what a downer note to end on.

@monorail agklhj now i get it. this is what i get for replying fast

@Sir_Boops When a parent and a ditto tolerate each other very much, an egg appears. No one's quite sure how.

@monorail did you borrow this idea from ben or is it a fedi meme I'm just clueless about



re: drugs


@quarky Almost always the latter. You can try the former but it always feels forced. Unless it takes off naturally, there's a weird air to it. Sometimes you can use that to great effect, though.

@monorail what is your favorite animal and why is it slime?

@kity Yeah. Nothing hard, in fact, nothing that's not legal where I live now. But at the time I was a rebel. :P

Definitely do your research, though. There is some bad shit out there. But yeah, a lot of it is overblown.

@deing I'm not sure that would actually count :P And I dunno, it's a really broad category to pick from without specifying some sort of subset. I guess I'm fond of cats?

@psxbunny This maybe won't be a popular opinion but I'm not a huge fan. They freak me out. My sister has one, though.

@psxbunny Yo, chill, you don't have to ask me twice just because it took a few seconds to get to you.



@petra Hm, most of these weren't questions about the universe with actual, objective answers... here, let me do some research.

I'm approximating "distance from mars to the asteroid belt" as "distance from earth to the asteroid belt", so the error bars at the end are going to be +/- 3 minutes.

Looks like the asteroid belt is between 2.2 and 3.2 AU. Let's call it 2.7. That's 403914600 km. 0.99c is 297000 km/s.

Overall, that's about 22 minutes and 40 seconds, +/- 3 minutes to account for the origin being mars instead of earth.

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