okay fine, let's do this

am i, holly, cute?

Web 6 0 4

@monorail hey, having a fraction of time allowed for it doesnt count

@pupy if people felt strongly they should have voted in the five seconds they had allotted

@monorail you mean the five seconds it takes to federate to other instances? :P

@monorail Polls are never over when your instance doesn't support them; also, you're cute

@petra i specifically put a time limit on the poll, it isn't my fault your instance doesn't support it

@petra i'll agree that 100% of 0 people found me cute, that's my reasoning for saying i'm not cute

@monorail As a statistician, applying the Holly-is-cute correction for small sample sizes I can say that actually this poll shows that Holly is cute

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic poll was using unfair means to achieve desired result and thus is discounted as being an official result

the jury is now in and we say: holly cute

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic intentionally setting a poll to expire within 5 minutes, before anyone is reasonably going to see it, just so you can try and say youre not cute

is not democracy,

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic the court of cuties has decreed it truth

holly cute

@pupy @monorail @Sapphicgiraffic As an outside observer with no personal stake or context in this discussion, I would just like to say that @pupy is objectively correct

i'm the jury!

@monorail @owashii @Sapphicgiraffic shhhhhhh the defendant has no say in this matter

owashii your words are very meaningful and we shall bring them on board for our case

@pupy @owashii @Sapphicgiraffic the defendant may have no say in the matter but i'm representing myself and the defense clearly does

@owashii @pupy @Sapphicgiraffic oh no problem i'm not offended! i just thought you misread my toot or something :P

@monorail @pupy @Sapphicgiraffic It was more directed at @pupy, but I should have specified.

@monorail @owashii @Sapphicgiraffic ya ftr none of this is serious we're all doin a big goof 'w'

holly is 100% definitely cute tho,

@monorail @owashii @pupy I for one think it鈥檚 a conflict of interest for Holly to run her own poll about her being cute. Someone else has to make the poll.

@Sapphicgiraffic @monorail @owashii update: this poll is especially unfair as holly is using a tampered with version of mastodon that allows her to not only set the timer below 5 minutes but also post polls that only have one option. the latter fact is preventing me from posting a replacement poll in its original form,

@pupy @Sapphicgiraffic @owashii "tampered with" is clearly loaded phrasing. as a user of and contributor to open source software, i make modifications that i believe will have a positive affect on my users

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic @owashii regardless of the fact, you are using a version that allows for non-standard polls to be posted online, whilst the majority of users cannot do the same. this renders the poll as unfair,

@pupy @monorail @Sapphicgiraffic I invoke the right to jury nullification and declare Holly cute as a response to the social injustice of the single-answer poll

@monorail @owashii @Sapphicgiraffic what you have done and what you are saying constitutes as criminal if you ask me 'w'

@pupy @monorail @Sapphicgiraffic Denies the right to a fair representation of public opinion and is therefore unconstitutional

@pupy @Sapphicgiraffic @owashii absolutely not

those on other instances may not be able to create an equivalent poll but their ability to engage with mine is unaffected

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic @owashii it is affected when the poll is set to close below the minimum amount of time a poll can normally be open for,

@pupy @Sapphicgiraffic @owashii it is handled identically to normal expiration. it's equivalent to if it was set to 30 minutes, but backlogged sidekiq workers caused federation to be delayed for 29 minutes and 55 seconds

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic @owashii your example would still be rendered unfair because that means it was not possible to vote on the poll for the majority of the time given

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@pupy @Sapphicgiraffic i would like it stated for the record: the poll's expiration was NOT set to 5 minutes

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic presenting evidence A, proof that holly herself said it was 5 minutes until expiration,

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic both 5 minutes and 5 seconds is not enough time to properly gauge poll results from the public,

@pupy @monorail this is disenfranchisement, Holly Glaceon, and I won鈥檛 stand for it.

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