"holly why do you run your own instance instead of using someone else's"

:glaceon_shiny:β€‹πŸ’¬ "well, it's a great learning experience, i think it's important to the ideals of federation that there be a wide selection of instances to choose from rather than everyone piling into a few big ones, and it's as good a hobby as anything else"

:glaceon_shiny:β€‹πŸ’­ "modifying the code for shitposts"

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@monorail I wish I was good enough to modify the code for shitposts. The best I can do is fiddle with my about box...

@petra i'm not actually good at it but i posted an eight-option poll, and some one-option polls

also random posts appear in comic sans in the web view here

@petra nah the poll stuff is literally like, changing a hardcoded constant from 4 to 20, and another from 1 to 0

the comic sans thing was harder but i just had to expose the post id in a different place than usual so i could target it with css

@petra come on i'm sure you could do it if you knew where to look

and i'm sure you could figure out where to look by doing one recursive grep

@monorail @petra often the cool part is actually putting in the time and effort to do something, even if it is technically not that hard ^^

@monorail this is so much purer than my reason, which was "if I make my own instance then I get to be IN CHARGE and make MY OWN RULES"

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