there's an episode of kim possible where kim is trying to distract someone by talking to her, and the audience follows someone else taking advantage of the distraction

and there's a bit where it cuts back to kim and the woman she's talking to goes "amazing! you know, not that many people know why a lightbulb is both hardware AND software" and that line has fucked me up for my whole life. how can a lightbulb be software. what the fuck does that mean

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@monorail there is a LIFX bulb in my bedroom with a software issue that prevents it from connecting to WiFi so this horrible vision of the future did in fact come to pass

@monorail well when you start writing a letter and the paperclip goes πŸ’‘ and says "it looks like you're writing a letter would you like some help"

that is software doing that

@InspectorCaracal but it wasn't presented like a joke it was presented like "kim in smart" and then they moved on

@monorail this is actually a specific kind of joke which I have seen used a number of times, where the butt of the joke is the person making the comment for not realizing that the clever protagonist is totally bullshitting them by convincingly discussing something that is obviously not true as if they agree

@monorail the other variation is when you come back in at the end of an off-screen conversation and the protagonist says something like "...and that's why [thing that makes no sense]."

where part of the joke is that the thing makes no sense but the other part of the joke is that the other party involved in the conversation is totally buying it

@monorail the thing both types of jokes have in common (aside from "the protagonist is a master bullshitter") is that they are always, 100% of the time, played completely straight

@monorail oh, and that they're the implicit end of a lengthy conversation! I forgot that part but it's actually a key thing. It's like, a brief bit referencing this thing offscreen and then the story like immediately moves on

@monorail it may not actually be software, but it is a very low resolution display adapter

@robotcarsley @monorail I mean, if we take the 'hardware' to be the power station, transmission lines, and electrical system of the building, then the light bulb is one of many flexible, possible, modularly-applyable uses of that hardware, that can be replaced or adjusted as the building user needs without needing much special knowledge if you don't want to make your own. This is at least more like software than the infrastructure supporting the light bulb is.

@monorail I read this toot seconds after waking up and was like "yes that makes sense. The light... is the software" and oh my god my brain needs a vacation

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