who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

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lb: every once in a while i almost make a joke about not having thumbs but then i just boost this one again because i'll never top i t

Wouldn't you still have thumbs, just not opposable ones?

(Idk what the full glaceon models look like so am unsure)

@monorail this post
this post right here
this is one of my favorite posts

i'm sorry 



@monorail Thumbs are over rated. you don't need thumbs to open jars..... oh.... :'(

@monorail GOD I fucking forgot about this incredible post

every time i see this toot again
it still makes me smile
same as it did the first time
i really like it
you are a good glaceon

@monorail This post ages well. It's better every time we see it.

@monorail oops forgot to boost it on this account

@monorail who's got two thumbs and almost made a joke about not having thumbs

@monorail I know you know this by now, but this is immaculate

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