@monorail @announcements everything relating to mawr in even the tiniest, most tangential way is adorable

@monorail @announcements @mawr I would assume so considering that mawr is the admin of plush.city

@Felthry @announcements @mawr@plush.cityyeah but are they *related*

like, by bloo-- hm. by stuffing?

@monorail @announcements @mawr that's a question for them to answer, because I don't know!

@mawr @monorail @Felthry

🔸 Mawr gave us a nice place to stay! ^^

🔹Right next to the pride flag!!! ^.^

@monorail @announcements i have to admit that is a cute style of handling announcements

🔸Oh my gosh thank you! ^^ 🧡

🔹 Y-You're adorable too!!! Thank you fren! ^.^ 💙

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