I've used a VR headset a couple of times and each time I was told that my glasses wouldn't be an issue. Which was incorrect. My glasses are probably just too big or something.

But it got me thinking: would it be possible in principle to have a VR headset where you plug in your prescription (or maybe just turn a knob or something, which sounds easier) and have it correct for your eyesight, making your glasses unnecessary?

@monorail wait, are your glasses necessary on an existing headset? My prescription is very minimal, but I thought the screen was so close that it didn't matter?? Is that how it works??


@lurker the screens are very close to your eyes, but remember that each of your eyes is seeing a different image and your brain is stitching them together, which is exactly how regular vision works. My understanding is that as far as your eyes are concerned, the objects in the game would /are/ that far away from you, and they adjust the way they would in real life... Which is not ideal if you're someone who needs glasses.

@monorail trippy... hopefully this gets attention from manufacturers some day soon

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