good design: the developers of N++ found that a lot of playtesters felt like they sucked at the game because they kept dying, so they made it so that the demos that play on the title screen are all of the character failing. you'll never see the ninja on the menu reach the exit. it's as if to say "don't worry, you're supposed to die a lot. you'll get there."

hilarious design: as you play the game, those demos get replaced with your own fuckups

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@monorail i remember playing the original SWF a ton as a kid! i've considered getting it on the switch, how's it hold up?

@hierarchon honestly, it rules, BUT

if you care at /all/ about competing for high scores, definitely get it for PC. the leaderboards are separate for each platform and all the serious players are there. the switch leaderboards are embarrassing in comparison

@monorail hmmmmmm

tbh i'm shit at technical platformers so maybe i *want* to play in the metaphorical kiddie pool

@hierarchon that's valid tbh

if you see monorail on the leaderboards, that's me, though you won't see me any more than you do now because i've switched to pc :P

@hierarchon also some of the serious players own it on pc and switch, so every once in a while they'll pop over and wreck shop on a specific level

a couple times i've said "hey look at this cool route i figured out" and someone went "oh neat. let me show you the fast one" and they get the switch WR by like 5 seconds

@monorail tbh i think i care more about being able to play it while lying down in bed

@monorail I liked what Super Meat Boy, another tough-as-nails platformer did. Once you finally completed a level you got a replay of all (or at least a big chunk) of your attempts until you see them whittled down to your ultimate victory. It always made me feel really satisfied!

@monorail i have a lot of respect for the thoughtfulness of N++ devs, from what i know of their design process

@monorail Thanks for the reminder that N++ is a really really good game that deserves more recognition.

@monorail sO i just gOOgled this game and lOOked at the Original game and w O w that was a hit in the "hOly shit that existed"

@monorail liike. nOt quite nOstalgia but like. i tOtally fOrgOt abt it

@monorail I really want to play N+ again, that game was the highlight of a high school summer. The ability to make your own maps really got me interested in the world of level making far before it was a big of a thing as it is today.

All from a humble flash game and a very creative community~

@StarlightPath i remember not liking the level design in n+ that much but n and n++ are both very good

@monorail N+ had a repetition problem, if I recall from some old memories. Some of the later stages felt like they had less polish for a commercial release, but coming from someone who never played N++ and played only a little of N, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maybe I should buy/play N++ this week~

@StarlightPath it's extremely good

one of my friends was the fourth person to ever 100% it and she still does all kinds of cool challenges in it

@monorail I'll add it to my list of things to play then! That sounds really awesome~

spoilers for a secret in n++


@monorail GENIUS design: the hilarious design, but each time you die, it points out possibilities of where you could have maybe saved yourself, not as a "aahahaha look at you noob look what you did wrong and what you should have done", more of a "okay we think if you try this it might go different for ya"

@Nine i'm not sure how that would work in n++ but in general that's a cool idea

@monorail it'd have ot be ai directed unfortunately and I dunno i have a hard time trusting The Algorithm in this current day and age so it's for a future point I think

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