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Hey everyone! I'm Holly (or monorail), local Ice type Mastodon admin. I run, a small little instance that I think is, excuse me, cool.

I'm 24, :heart_ace:, :heart_bi:-romantic, a :heart_trans: girl, and white as the fallen snow.

My interests include programming, video james, and sleeping in until the afternoon. Say hi if you like, I don't bite. (60 power Dark type physical attack? No thanks!)

Typing with paws is tough, so have a pic:

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i'm a trans girl named holly so i've decided to be dr. coomer

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"holly why do you run your own instance instead of using someone else's"

:glaceon_shiny:โ€‹๐Ÿ’ฌ "well, it's a great learning experience, i think it's important to the ideals of federation that there be a wide selection of instances to choose from rather than everyone piling into a few big ones, and it's as good a hobby as anything else"

:glaceon_shiny:โ€‹๐Ÿ’ญ "modifying the code for shitposts"

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who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

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happy birthday to every nonbinary person

here's the thing about heavy rain

for all its faults,

that game fucking sucks

the three 'S's of frolf, caps


Official FFO* Tournament Organizer

*Fediverse Frolf** Open

**Frog Golf

Since a bunch of people are asking what the hell frolf is, I recorded a video of me playing a round of frolf against the CPU.

Remember, if you'd like to play, just email with your handle and instance!

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Trying to get a feel for how many people would like to play in the fedi netplay frolf tournament

If you're interested, please send an email to

If your email client complains about the length of that address, instead just email

Be sure to include your handle and instance!

just had to remember my old disqus account so i could comment on a review of ribbit king from 2004

guild wars 2 has a reasonable amount of particle effects.jpg

if you're interested in fedi ribbit king netplay tournament, watch this 6 second video. oh, what's that in the description? don't worry about it, it might be copyright infringement

anyway, ribbit king for the gamecube costs $150 used

but don't worry about the description of this video

getting genuinely pumped about the fediverse frolf open

details to follow in the coming days

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