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Hey everyone! I'm Holly (or monorail), local Ice type Mastodon admin. I run, a small little instance that I think is, excuse me, cool.

I'm 24, :heart_ace:, :heart_bi:-romantic, a :heart_trans: girl, and white as the fallen snow.

My interests include programming, video james, and sleeping in until the afternoon. Say hi if you like, I don't bite. (60 power Dark type physical attack? No thanks!)

Typing with paws is tough, so have a pic:

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"holly how tall are you, i keep forgetting" don't worry, i took a picture of me posing next to a building i found on the internet

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"holly why do you run your own instance instead of using someone else's"

:glaceon_shiny:β€‹πŸ’¬ "well, it's a great learning experience, i think it's important to the ideals of federation that there be a wide selection of instances to choose from rather than everyone piling into a few big ones, and it's as good a hobby as anything else"

:glaceon_shiny:β€‹πŸ’­ "modifying the code for shitposts"

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who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

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better now; slightly -, slightly meta, it's not a big deal 

it's genuinely such a relief to see people going "oh yeah fuck that guy"

like no i'm not making shit up, what little i do remember is more fucked up than i gave it credit for

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slightly -, slightly meta, it's not a big deal 

it makes me wonder if i'm even a good fit to be running an instance like this. like i'm supposed to know this shit. how am i going to keep people safe, you know?

what i need is mods honestly but it's so much to ask of someone

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slightly -, slightly meta, it's not a big deal 

everything i could say to justify "hey this dude sucks" would sound like the most petty shit imaginable

there was more serious stuff that i just



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slightly -, slightly meta, it's not a big deal 

tbh it hurts to see my friends hanging out with people who i know have hurt others but i can't say anything because my memory isn't good enough to remember enough details to justify it

like it's not that they're knowingly chilling with shitty people, it just hurts because i feel like i've failed to keep my community safe, you know? i should have done better

it’s funny how the mario kart wii item system gives rise to the most interesting dynamics in the franchise with the sole exception of the thundercloud (a terrible, horrible item, literally the worst thing ever)

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my favourite melee tech is the koopabackdashwaveslide hoverwalkmoonland


@saphie saphie is cute soft squishy & a giant glaceon PokΓ©mon

@holly aww i just logged off, it's late o clock and i have work in the morning. have fun though

good news: i found a village on the minecraft server

bad news: it's like 5k blocks +x from spawn, maybe more

that's why we have the nether though i guess

simon crackingthecryptic: "Do have a go yourself."

video length: 1:43:32

no, i don't think i will

"holly you know three morgans on here" yeah and they all rule what's your point

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andrew lee is like don't move ur channel to libera chat ur so sexy aha

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