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Hey everyone! I'm Holly (or monorail), local Ice type Mastodon admin. I run, a small little instance that I think is, excuse me, cool.

I'm 23, :heart_ace:, :heart_bi:-romantic, a :heart_trans: girl, and white as the fallen snow.

My interests include programming, video james, and sleeping in until the afternoon. Say hi if you like, I don't bite. (40 power Dark type physical attack? No thanks!)

Typing with paws is tough, so have a pic:

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"holly why do you run your own instance instead of using someone else's"

:glaceon_shiny:β€‹πŸ’¬ "well, it's a great learning experience, i think it's important to the ideals of federation that there be a wide selection of instances to choose from rather than everyone piling into a few big ones, and it's as good a hobby as anything else"

:glaceon_shiny:β€‹πŸ’­ "modifying the code for shitposts"

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who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

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shoutout to trans glaceon girls named holly

y'all are valid

Spanish doesn't use letters to refer to notes, i am fucked up atm

accidentally started a music notation argument between my partners

in some places in the world, "do re mi" etc means specifically "C D E" etc, rather than meaning "root second third" and that fucks me up

just posted this in a thread but i'm gonna post it here because it's so fucking wild

why is It Wasn't Me in mixolydian. what the fuck

like of all the songs to do an interesting music theory thing, why is it the "picture this we were both α΅‡α΅˜α΅—α΅— naked" one

i like being holly (bc it's my name! that's me!! i'm holly!!!) but it gets confusing when i'm also dating a holly

there's already been at least one misunderstanding where she thought i was subtooting her and it got cleared up easy but :c

listening to the uncensored version of a song and being fucked up about it because the censored version actually has different lyrics instead of just blanking them out, so i didn't know it was censored



white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

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