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"It's one thing to enjoy leisurely battles, but real battles can be a severe trial. Truly strong Trainers sometimes must be prepared to choose Pokémon that can win rather than their favorite Pokémon."

i seem to be mostly set up again but i'm sure that tomorrow i'll find another 1000 things i want to set up that i haven't yet

greetings from beautiful windows 10

ok explain this to me: how come girlfriend by avril lavigne is a bad song except when it comes on in burnout paradise. in only that context it's a fucking banger

i've spent the last two days listening almost exclusively to a song that was inspired by mulan

microsoft wants 165 of my dollars for windows 10 and i don't know anything about cracking it, so i just get to regret not upgrading two months ago when it was free

which of mario's fursonas is your favorite (racoon, penguin, cat)

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He's doesn't look that dirty IRL, I don't know why the dirt is so pronounced in the picture. He definitely needs a bath though

this Mastodon app is pretty good except notifications take foreeeeever

like my status if you like pokemon

is pcie plug&play or will i have to turn off my computer again when the new wireless card gets here. i think i know the answer and i'm unhappy about it

I've seen people say "if you wish you were a certain gender, surprise! you are" but that can't be how that works because i'm pretty sure that unless you're nb or a trans dude you want to be a girl

I'm trying to cut back on caffeine so instead of drinking energy drinks every shift I'm getting 2L bottles of mountain dew. I am the very model of health.

"[nitw] seems relatable as someone who dropped out of postsecondary school in their second year to everyone's disappointment including their own and also is a furry"