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Hey everyone! I'm Holly (or monorail), local Ice type Mastodon admin. I run, a small little instance that I think is, excuse me, cool.

I'm 23, :heart_ace:, :heart_bi:-romantic, a :heart_trans: girl, and white as the fallen snow.

My interests include programming, video james, and sleeping in until the afternoon. Say hi if you like, I don't bite. (40 power Dark type physical attack? No thanks!)

Typing with paws is tough, so have a pic:

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"holly why do you run your own instance instead of using someone else's"

:glaceon_shiny:β€‹πŸ’¬ "well, it's a great learning experience, i think it's important to the ideals of federation that there be a wide selection of instances to choose from rather than everyone piling into a few big ones, and it's as good a hobby as anything else"

:glaceon_shiny:β€‹πŸ’­ "modifying the code for shitposts"

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who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

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shoutout to trans glaceon girls named holly

y'all are valid

the other day my friend described himself as "the shaquille o'neal of real life" and honestly i felt that

i should change my pfp to sylveon pls reply with cute sylveon

filing an rfc to make sure the computers that make the internet go are saying "please" and "thank you" to each other



I am SO happy there's all this love for sock paws on my TL to be honest

@monorail the natural state of humanity is that there will always be at least ONE trans girl holly glaceon

the two genres of movie are superhero and musician biopic

finding common ground and something both you and another animal can both understand is a lovely feeling, even if it's something simple like having some nice food hehehe

noone can ever roast me harder than my brain is constantly roasting me

@Frinkeldoodle and @monorail walk into the Ice type meet up at PokΓ©con together, both wearing matched β€œWe Are All Holly Glaceon” t-shirts :poke_ball:



as opposed to before, where i could play for a couple songs and then had to stop because my wrist was on fire

watched someone on youtube give posture tips for playing the bass guitar in a healthier way and now i'm going to be an unstoppable guitar hero god

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