amusing how electron is named after one of the smallest things in existence, however it's actually a bulky ass browser as a development environment

@mew there's at least one accurate thing about the name: everyone's opinion of it is negative

@mew it's named after the electric shocks in the Milgram Experiment imo

@mew when you're too lazy to use polyfills in your webapp so you just ship an entire browser and call it "native"
@mew basically it allows you to use technologies on all browsers, even if not officially supported by them. For instance, there's a polyfill for the fetch API, which lets you use fetch on older browsers that don't actually support the API

i guess it serves a similar purpose as babel, only for browser APIs instead of ECMAscript versions
@mew yeah, definitely. we have so many amazing technologies to help with accessibility and then we just ship entire damn browsers because reasons???

@mew don't forget there's also a whole server (node) in there (which means when you write your "isomorphic" app, you're dealing with two different versions of v8)

@mew They should have called it something suitable, like Mastodon

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