game design is game development

UI/UX design and appraisal IS tech development

doing mockups and ideas is development work

writing documentation and editing the wording of said documentation, is development work

stop edging people out coz "they don't write code"

they are just as much developers as you are. hell, all my marketable skills lie in this gray area people like to look down on

Stop It.

heck, my strongest skill is literally everything surrounding writing code, without ever touching code

i can design an API, a backend, design the most optimal way to sort organize and interconnect your code

but i suck at actually writing the code to implement it lol

final note: , as people have been using the hashtag for

i will work for pay

im poor, and upthread you can see a lot of why: this inherent bias towards code writers is EVERYWHERE.

you don't know it, but i influenced MANY, MANY mastodon features that you know and love. i wrote the request for per-post privacy levels, with a justification as to why.

i am the entire reason an issue on github was even created to make it so you didnt have to ALWAYS post to the public timeline.

i was a major guiding force in unboostable posts, private, followers only posts, and so much more

i even wrote the issue for Content Warnings, as a feature, that helped make it happen.

you dont know me, but i was a huge part of why mastodon is software you want to use, i'd bet.
-hoodie aida krisstina

boosts welcome, i need about 500bux and will be writing a fundraiser in about a weeks time at latest, to ask for money to survive to have time to find a job.

im settling after a move, i will collab for free with what little free time i have, and god dammit i just want to work in tech and have people respect that i know code, i can design code, but damn i cant write code.


Maybe we can work something out for #Aardwolf? I can't write code for shit either, but I can architect the heck out of a project.


Right but you can design an API which I can't do as well.

@banjofox oh, yeah, sure i'd happily help write up an API and such, at some point

@banjofox :P i mean like, ima be making a small crowdfunding ask and id help however much i feel is appropriate for whaty ou throw my way

i wouldnt pin a price on my work for a collab like this, unless you wanted to make a contract/really batter all the details out before we talk


I did also see the crowdfunding thing, but was unclear about how "wanting to work in tech" was related.

@banjofox ah yeah its just that

i havent found work yet, post move,barely finished settling in, and im poor so i cant afford survival guaranteed for long enough to feel comfy not being terrified of not making ends meet, so i am offering to work in general, and also will eventually put up a crowdfund?

my brains not in the right place, so i hope that made sense


Rather my "architecting" skills seems to be higher altitude than your design skills maybe?


It seemed worth asking

@banjofox we'll have to chat some time, i'm definitely open to a collab, especially if you can throw a few dollars away since money is so tight in my life rn

@mew Thank you so much for suggesting Content Warnings. I didn't realize that they would when I joined, but they really changed my life for the better 😊

@MadestMadness to be clear: i didnt suggest them, just made the issue on github and got gargron's eyes on it

many asked for it before i helped make it happen

@mew Ah 🙂 Well, you still helped it happen regardless 😛

The post about the importance of non-code work is spot on, too 😊

Anyone can write a shitty game super effectively. AAA studios do it all the time, and as a result we have a mass exodous to non-conventional indie games.

@mew Entirely legitimate! Code *architecture's* a large part of any significant codebase; a poorly thought out API can mean way too much flexibility that'll never be used, costing needless time, or indeed, the converse, painting future development into a corner.

Getting that balance right is by no means trivial.

@mew This is funny, because, in the environment I work in, the people doing those things look down on those who write code and would hate being called developers.

You are doing important work, I can't help you directly but I hope you find someone to use your skills.

@mew considering the state of some APIs I’ve seen we need more people who are good at this

@mew This is so very true.
Not to mention that it's actually hard to do. As a coder i can't test my own code, i refuse to write docs and i only see 16 colours and my UX requirements are very biased towards efficiency and not prettyness.

@whisper2shade honestly i just wish i could find a job doing the things i mentioned but i cant seem to, at least not yet

hard to find a job without havinga project all yr own to show off

@mew Tell me about it. I so want a game dev job, but i'm stick in enterprise java.

I got one offer last year, but that was entry level. I wouldn't pay a student with that paycheck they offered me, so i had to decline.

I realize now that i have to make a game by myself and then i can try to get a job like that. Or i'll skip it entirely and start my own studio :)

@whisper2shade if you make a studio, hit me up, i have like 10 innovative, incredibly unique game ideas entirely planned out, and can write you a spec to start coding in a week's time, or less

@mew That's distant future for me now, but will do :)
But now bed time, after midnight here and i'm exhausted :D

@mew I find the actual code writing part of making games to be one of the least interesting/fun parts.

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