wish i had the spoons for that this fry of day

instead of follow friday, direct message the ones you care about and tell them you appreciate them / why you appreciate them

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how do you practice conflict in a safe environment to work on being afraid of conflict/conflict avoidant?

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Someone should start a website that catalogues all the prominent empty feel-good catchphrases that websites quietly remove once they achieve TBTF status.

“Do no evil”. “The simple image sharer”. “building communities and enriching people’s lives instead of benefiting our shareholders”. “platform that is community-owned and ad-free”.

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proposal for compiler warning levels:
· You can do that.
· You can probably do that.
· You shouldn't do that.
· You really, really should not do that.
· I'm not letting you do that.
· You actually can't do that.

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streaming more Ultimate Alchemy (modded minecraft)

come hang out! or just watch and message me here if you dont wanna log into twitch

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prolly gonna play more tomorrow

for now, move toward slepy

also friendly reminder you are always welcome to chat via mastodon or other and I will reply in the stream, if twitch chat or making a twitch account is not up your alley


streaming minecraft modded: the Ultimate Alchemy modpack

come hang out! got a facecam and i tend to talk with chat a decent bit. i don't bite.

work officially complete

gonna bathroom, freshen up and set up stream, see you soooooon

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extremely small chance that they go into overtime

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