reasons to date me: anytime someone makes an "inception" joke or reference, ill blurt out "BWAHHH" mimicking the horn from the movie

y'ever know someone who like, favs all your posts and it makes you feel good about yourself but you don't know each other well so you're afraid itd be weird to thank them? me neither. (yes i have)

and then i brat when they don't do that and always say its wrong if they dont ask

my gender presentation goals are "uhh" and "what may i call you" because i want to be so androgynous nobody can tell

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me: but first we have to talk about parallel universes

<p> so whats all this about?</p>

<p> testing, </p>

listen, Soul Eater Evans is absolutely a trans boy, that's, that's all i have to say,

soul eater is a trans boy in this essay i will

this post thanks to me realizing im probably like @ben but with soul eater instead of guild wars 2, sometimes

from hence forth this is a soul eater fan account i understand if you unfollow me now (not serious)

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