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agency to synthesize yourself into who you wish to be is a privilege, not a global fact and freedome

not everyone is free to be themself.

fun fact, every time you drop an ableist slur, chances are, someone is hurt (me, for instance)

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y'ever wonder if houdini was just a really bratty sub?

i didnt know was a thing but I'm femme, and its friday (selfo, eyes)

mastodon versus twitter

of note: i have used twitter for approx 4 hours

used mastodon for _days_

the disaster area that is their house afterwards is symbolic of the turmoil their relationship went thru--

anyway my personal interpretation of Kaizo Trap is that its a story about a dude using vibeo gaemz to cope with depression and his wife struggles to relate to him so she learns to video game so she has a way to spend time with him

this is my headcanon you cant change my mind sorry

when girls are protags, hoodie is happy

anyway euphoria is the best programming language coz you can compile it into C even though it's already a scripting language that outperforms basically all the others, for even more speeds

(when compiled into C, it generally outperforms normal handwritten C code at doing the things euphoria does best)

Someone Should Have, So Eventually I Will

"why hasnt someone done this already" i really really couldn't tell you

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