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ended up making a sequel to my automation focused "but i dont wanna mine" modpack for 1.12, if you want it, here's ICF2:

starter hint: use JEI to look at the recipes for the base wheat seed to get started

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agency to synthesize yourself into who you wish to be is a privilege, not a global fact and freedome

not everyone is free to be themself.

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i want to play a minecraft modpack of my own design but not the ones currently available that i have created

i do not: want to be making that modpack right now

actually correction: i know what i want to do

i cannot do the thing

normally my mood is p clear on what i should be doing to be happy
"right now i should video games"
"im in a techy designy mood"
"im thinking nows a good time to churn out some code"



im in a really weird mood today and i cant really figure out what to do with it

i think it doesnt actually make any sense in the way i intended for it to make sense tbh

when everyone in a conversation favs yr post and yr like "aw that's nice" and then someone else not even in the conversation favs and yr just like "damn i must be on a roll tonight"

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