the entirety of the plug is "maybe post an appreciation post of a person to help flush out notifications when your friend is being harassed" and then the person they chose to use as an example person to appreciate was contrapoints

so i guess it doesnt really matter

just leaves a bad taste in my mouth

honestly what confuses the fuck out of me about this is the lack of context for the contrapoints plug, really.

like. i guess they just aren't at all conscientious of the gaping flaws in contrapoints opinions/politics surrounding trans people

they could have used so many other examples

it has *no point of reference in the talk*

eh, not public timeline i guess im semi-comfy posting it. except for the fucking contrapoints plug this seems an excellent talk about a topic i wish was talked about more often

i could post it anyway but now i'm second guessing my eye for bullshit under the subtext so nah.

its so rare to find literally anything talking about online abuse *at all* and then this mostly good talk got fucking tainted with that garbage

i got 90% of the way through this thing and was prepping to post "this is a good talk" and then they fucking "this is a contrapoints appreciation post" thing dropped ugh are you serious

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